Cashew Chicken



Cashew Chicken

Here is a classic take out made easy at home, cashew chicken. One of my weaknesses is takeout Chinese food. Not real Chinese food of course, but our Americanized version of Chinese cuisine. I, like most Americans, love the stuff. I do prefer real Chinese food, but we only have one “real Chinese” restaurant in our area and it’s pretty far away and we don’t get there as often as I’d like. When I was working full-time, we use to order Chinese takeout at least once a week, sometimes twice for lunch. Our whole office was addicted to it. Since I haven’t been working those long hours anymore though, I just make my favorites at home. This was my first time making Cashew chicken. It was the simplest Chinese-American dish I’ve made at home yet. I based this recipe off of Martha Stewart’s recipe. A classic cashew chicken has oyster sauce, but I used Hoisin as she did in her recipe. I changed alot of the ratios around , after reading her reader’s comments, to improve on her recipe.  Next time I make it though, I’ll add some green peppers and maybe another vegetable, just to make it a little more nutritious. It has so few ingredients, the amount of time it took to cook and prep this dish was so quick. I served it with white rice that I cooked in chicken stock.

This week has been really busy at Babble’s Family Kitchen.  The theme for this week was allergy free recipes. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a few things, some good, some bad. (I’ll share my quiche disaster with you soon.) I have been enjoying it so much and have lots of great recipes planned for the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, well wishes, stumbles and other social sharing. Your support is appreciated more than you know.

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