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Baked Red Velvet Cream Cheese Donuts

Yesterday I took my son to get his Valentine’s Day cards for school. We got there a little late, so the selection was limited, but he was able to find a box of Valentine’s with pencils from one  of his favorite movies, How to Train your Dragon. He also insisted on buying some extra cute […]

Fruitcake Cookies

Everyone in my family loves fruitcake. Not that yucky thing they sell in the store, or Aunt Shirley’s dried out brick of a fruitcake, but real fruit and booze filled moist fruitcake with real dried fruits and toasted nuts. My favorite recipe is this Druken Fruitcake, but it takes quite a while to make and […]

Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallows and Spiced Cream

Over the years, I’ve made Thanksgiving more about homemade, from scratch dishes and less about anything that’s pre-prepared. And, during that time, I’ve also spent less and less time with my family on Thanksgiving and more and more time in the kitchen. Well this year, that ends. My goal for this Thanksgiving is to spend […]

3 Ingredient Ice Cream

This summer is flying by. My son only has a few more days of summer vacation, and he has been spending as much time as I will allow playing video games. We’re already ready for school, supplies have been bought and we’ll meet his new teacher next week. So to enjoy this last bit of […]