Easy Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

Happy Thanksgiving! This simple sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is so simple and flavorful, made with fresh baked sweet potatoes. You’ll be sure to impress family and friends with this easy recipe!

I made this yesterday for my husband’s Thanksgiving potluck dinner. It is a simple sweet potato casserole that I seasoned with a little brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. This casserole is made with fresh sweet potatoes and the taste is so much better than canned!  I’ve baked the sweet potatoes too, instead of boiling. This brings out even more flavor. I also added butter and cream to really put it over the top. This recipe was created for Babble’s Family Kitchen.

Sweet Potato Casserole is a staple on most tables this Thanksgiving. As a kid, Thanksgiving was one of the few times we ever had sweet potatoes, and unfortunately, they were from a can. I never liked sweet potatoes until my mother-in-law introduced me to easy baked sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes I had at her home were the first fresh sweet potatoes I ever had, and I instantly fell in love. She made them very often and served them just as you would any other ordinary baked potato. Soon after, I started making my sweet potato casserole from fresh potatoes too, and could not believe the difference in taste. Fresh potatoes are much sweeter and tastier. For this casserole, I added cream and butter for extra creaminess. I also included brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice, which is loaded with great fall spices, perfect for this dish.

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