German Chocolate Cake

Here is my hubby’s birthday cake, a German chocolate cake from David Lebovitz. I made a few minor changes, based on the ingredients I had on hand. Growing up, my Dad’s and my favorite cake to have on our birthdays was German Chocolate cake. However, this isn’t my mom’s recipe. Hers was the Betty Crocker or bought from the local bakery type of recipe. Its been over 10 years since he passed, and I am now getting back to enjoying the foods that we loved together, like this cake. I was hoping my hubby would enjoy this cake as much as my Dad and I use to, and I think he loved it more, but of course who wouldn’t? This version is the best German Chocolate Cake I have ever had. It was perfectly moist and full of flavor. I learned from David’s site that the German chocolate cake isn’t actually German at all, but an American invention by the Baker’s chocolate company. The founder of Baker’s Chocolate was Mr. Samuel German, hence the name of the first recipe, German’s Chocolate Cake.

My son thought the cake it would be more fun with colorful sprinkles and lots of candles, here it is after Julien fixed it:

And here is the cake after I attempted to fix it. I turned my back to work on the frosting and Julien then thought it would be a good idea to use the Christmas cookie cutters to try and cut out the layers. He ate a few big chunks out of the cakes, but I was pretty impressed how much I could cover with the frosting.

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