Red Wine Mushroom Risotto



This is a delicious recipe for the classic Italian dish of red wine risotto. The rice isn’t exactly red, its more of a dark brown, but don’t worry, if you want red risotto, I will be posting that recipe soon. Its a roasted red beet risotto, which is one of my all time favorites. Now back to this dish. Red wine risotto is made with a good dry red wine and wonderfully flavorful porcini mushrooms. You can also use white or bella mushrooms, if you cannot find the dried porcinis in your local grocery. However, using the dried Italian mushrooms adds such a wonderful earthy flavor. You start by reconstituting the dried porcinis in hot water. The mushrooms make a wonderful broth that you add to the risotto. I l like to finish the dish with an addition of fresh or frozen spinach for color an added nutrition. You can add shrimp, as shown in the photo, or omit it, and serve the risotto along side grilled salmon, or any other dish of your choice. I love one dish meals, so I just throw some shrimp in at the end for a perfect one pot, easy cleanup meal.

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