Tuna and Egg Salad


Over the past few years I’ve gotten lazy when I make tuna salad. It’s usually a rushed salad that only consists of a tuna, pickle relish and a little celery if I take the time to make it. It’s no where as good as Mom’s tuna salad. She always took the time to make a big batch of delicious tuna salad filled with veggies, fresh herbs, and most importantly, eggs.

So today I took the time to make tuna salad like mom use to make. I like to use 2 chopped boiled eggs per can of tuna. This ratio makes a salad that’s about half egg and half tuna. I like to use albacore tuna, but regular tuna also works great in this recipe because the addition of eggs will help offset the stronger flavor of the tuna.


For vegetables, I added freshly chopped celery, spring onions and fresh dill. Dill is a great herb to pair with both chicken and eggs. You can add more or less veggies depending on your tastes and what you have on hand. For more flavor, I also added freshly squeezed lemon juice, freshly cracked black pepper and a little Dijon mustard.

I served this salad  over a bed of fresh spinach with crackers, but it’s also wonderful as a sandwich with fresh sliced tomatoes.

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