Apple Cheddar and Pork Tenderloin Panini

cheddar and pork panini

I can’t believe how cold it’s been here in Florida. Our high today is only going to be in the 50’s, and while I know that sounds pretty toasty to all of you living up North, it’s still pretty chilly for our family. It has been nice though because we’ve been able to use our fireplace more frequently, and I think all the mosquitoes have finally died off until next season too.

We’ve been eating lots of warm soups while sitting by the fire under big cozy blankets to stay warm. For our lunches, I’ve pulled out our panini press to make us warm, grilled sandwiches like this apple and pork loin panini.

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For this panini, I used leftover Smithfield Pork Tenderloin from our dinner the previous night. I made one of their new marinated pork loins, a Rosemary and Olive Oil pork tenderloin. This rosemary infused pork paired beautifully with some slices of fresh Fuji apples and mild cheddar. I pilled up all the ingredients on a baguette, brushed it with olive oil, and grilled it in the panini press until it was all melty and delicious.

Smithfeild Pork Tenderloins also come in Garlic & Herb, Peppercorn Garlic, Portobello Mushroom, Teriyaki, Golden Rotisserie and Mesquite.

apple cheddar with ham and salad

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Yield: Serves 2

Apple Cheddar and Pork Loin Panini

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1 Smithfeild Rosemary and Olive Oil pork tenderloin, prepared according to package directions and sliced
1 Fuji apple, sliced
8 sliced cheddar cheese
1 crusty baguette
olive oil


Slice bread in half and brush the outside of the bread with a generous amount of olive oil.

Pile on cheddar cheese, pork tenderloin and apple slices. Place sandwich in a panini press and cook until golden brown.

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