Bubble Tea Recipe

bubble teas

I first discovered Bubble Tea from a  coworker. She would bring those pre-made bubble teas in the office for us as an afternoon treat in the summer. It’s such a nice cool treat for a hot day.  I loved them. I adored all the fruity flavors they came in, but I loved the simple plain bubble tea the best.

So a few weeks ago I decided to try and make my own bubble tea, so I didn’t have to go out of my way to buy one when I got a craving, which is pretty often. The only problem was getting the ingredients, so I do what I always do, and headed straight to my favorite search engine to figure it out – Bing.

searching where to tapioca pearls on bing

The first and most important ingredients are the bubbles, or boba, which is tapioca pearls. I quickly learned from my search that tapioca pearls come in all different types of colors, but I needed the black ones for my tea.

search results

My search led my right to amazon, where I was able to buy not only my tapioca pearls, but also the black tea leaves to make the tea.

I love using Bing as my search engine. As you can imagine, I’m on the web pretty often during the day, researching recipes, ingredients and finding out where to buy the ingredients I need. With Bing, I not only get to just where I need to go on the web, but I also earn rewards for buying those ingredients that I need!


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bing rewards

After you’ve earned enough points, just click over to the rewards tab and browse through all the options available. I think my favorite reward will be the Amazon cards. There’s so many hard to find food ingredients that I can simply order from there instead of traveling all around town going into different markets.

redeem rewards

Anyway, let’s get back to that tea. To make this bubble tea, I just followed the directions on the back of the package of the tapico pearls to cook them. Then I brewed some strong Chinese black tea, added some milk, and let it chill.

When you’re getting the ingredients for this tea, don’t forget the boba tea straws. They’re just the right size for the boba.

bubble tea brown background

To serve just chill in the fridge until cold, or add some ice and stir.

teas with straws in glasses

recipe photo

Yield: Serves 4

Bubble Tea Recipe

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1/4 cup dried boba tapioca pearls per serving
1 cup brewed tea, your favorite type, (I used Yunnan Black Chinese Tea)
1 cup Milk, almond milk, or sweetened condensed milk
sugar or stevia for sweetness
Fruit juice (optional)

Boba tea straws


Cook boba according to package directions, boiling in a large pot of water. Pearls will expand quite a bit. AFter boba is done, drain and set aside.

Add boba, brewed tea and milk to glass. Add ice or place in fridge to cool.

Mix well and serve with a boba straw.

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