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Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe)


Coconut pies have always been a weakness of mine. Really, pies in general are a weekends for me. My love for pies began in my grandmother’s kitchen, when I use to help her make her own signature pie, a pecan pie. Everyone in our family and at church all loved my Granny’s pecan pie. It was the dessert she always brought to get–togethers and potlucks.


Although I love her pecan pie, coconut pie os my absolute favorite. I’ve made it so many times through the years, trying to perfect a recipe that was just right, and I think i’ve finally got it . This is the Crème De La Cream of coconut pies. It’s a pie that uses fresh toasted coconut, real fresh coconut whipped cream and a creamy coconut milk custard filling. The crust is a crumbly almond filled pastry that pairs perfectly with the coconut.


You can find this recipe for Fresh Coconut Pie at the Kitchenthusiast Blog at

2 Responses to “Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe)”

  1. Olivia - primavera Kitchen — June 18, 2014 @ 7:33 am

    What a gorgeous pie, Angie! My mouth is watering. I love coconut pie and I will definitely check out this recipe on Kitchenthusiast 😉

  2. This looks incredible! I can’t resist coconut cream pie!