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Cruising with Carnival – Eastern Caribbean


I can’t believe it’s already been a month since our cruise. If you follow me along on Instagram, you may have gotten a peek at our cruise at the end of July. It was amazing. We cruised on the Carnival Breeze and did an Eastern Caribbean cruise that had stops in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, san Juan Puerto Rico and Grand Turk.

I believe this is now our 5th cruise with Carnival, no sixth! We love traveling with them. We’ve been all over the Caribbean and even did the Alaska cruise a few years ago. Each time we cruise with them, it’s so much fun. I think what I really love about cruises is that everything included, and that’s really important for busy parents. 

For a whole week my husband and I don’t have to worry about laundry, dishes, school lunches, vacuuming or making the bed. There’s beautifully prepared food available anytime, all the ice cream the kids can eat, and a friendly face to greet me at every turn there to help me with anything I may need  or want! Its fabulous!

This cruise we were on the Carnival Breeze. It’s a very large beautiful ship with big water slides for  the kids,  a splash area and 2 large pools for kids and adults to play in. There are large open decks to sunbath on and enjoy a good book too on the upper decks and on deck 5. 

The first day was a seas day where we got to explore the ship. We spent the day enjoying all the amenities of the ship. We hadn’t been on this ship before so it was so much fun to walk around on the different decks and explore everything there was. 

My kids absolutely love the all you can eat ice cream and pizza on the ship. 

The kids also loved stopping by Camp Ocean. They have so many kids activities on Carnival. If you have kids, never think once about not taking them, because they will have a blast!

And my husband and I loved stopping by Guy’s Burger Joint and the Blue Iguana where you can get amazing burritos for breakfast or lunch! And Guy’s Burger Joint has the best toppings bar for burgers I’ve ever seen!

The first night is also a formal dinner night, so we all got cleaned up and went to the dining room to enjoy a nice dinner with the family. We took all three kiddos and they also had a blast! 

By the way, cruising with a baby on Carnival is so easy! They have so many options for babies that are eating solids, plus you can take your own baby food too! The room we stayed in was on the first deck and was so roomy, perfect for larger families like ours!

The next night we ate at Fahrenheit 555, Carnival Breeze’s classic American steakhouse. It’s a classic steakhouse with delicious offerings. We also took the kids here, they have a kids menu too! 

Above is one of the appetizers we tried. They even had a smoky oyster appetizer that was so much fun. Be sure to head over to my Instagram stories under travel and check the video out of that, plus lots more stories form this trip too! 

This was the wagyu steak we got. It was so worth it!

When we weren’t at one of the incredible restaurants on board, we were dining on the lido deck. I love stopping by the buffet on the lido. There’s so much to choose from and so many amazing salads that are all so good! And let’s not forget all those desserts to sample, especially on the last sea day where there’s a chocolate extravaganza! 

Carnival was also so nice to treat us to in room treats almost everyday. And each treat was better than the last. Shown above was a 3 fish on crackers afternoon snack. It was incredible!

We also dined at Cucina del Capitano. It was actually my favorite restaurant on board. All the food was so good. Even the kid’s spaghetti and meatballs was some of the best I’ve ever had, and I’m not exaggerating. This restaurant is a must try while on board and an incredible value too! 

Here is one of our other dishes. Everything was amazing!

We also ate at the sushi restaurant, Bonsai Sushi. The menu is small, but the quality they put into each selection is amazing. I’ve had some amazing sushi at famous restaurants, and I have to say Bonsai sushi’s quality is just as good. You must try it too when on board! Forgive me I didn’t get pictures here because I was so immersed in the food! 

On the last day they also have a Dr. Sueess seedy brunch. My kids love the s so much and look forward to it every cruise. 

Everything about this brunch is fun for the kids, even the menu! 

After an extraordinary breakfast, the kids get to take pictures with all the characters too!

We got a lot of great pictures. Here’s one with the baby too. He didn’t know what to think of the Cat in then Hat!


I’ve just covered the highlights of all the delicious things to try on board. On deck 5 you can also get desserts, coffee, visit the alchemy bar, the piano bar, Red Frog Pub and Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que!

Of I almost forgot Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que! It’s kind of out of the way on deck 5 on the side of the ship. The best way to find it is follow the smell. It’s amazing BBQ plus all the sides you’d expect like greens, mac n’ cheese, potato salad and baked beans. And best of all it’s included, no additional charges! But stop by early, it’s a lunch only spot!

There’s also a seafood shack with fresh fish you need to try too! 

So to recap, this is the highlight of where to eat when on board the Carnival Breeze:

  1. Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que – follow your nose for amazing smoked BBQ and delicious sides
  2. Guy’s Burger Joint – the best burgers for lunch with an amazing toppings bar. 
  3. BlueIguana Cantina- the place to be for lunch and breakfast too! Breakfast arepas, cooked to order huevos ranchers for breakfast and burritos and tacos for lunch with an extensive salsa bar
  4. Pizza Pirate – perfect for the kids or late night pizza cravings! 
  5. Cucina del Capitano – you can’t go wrong with this classic Italian restaurant. It’s a small uncharge, but definitely worth it. Call for reservations. 
  6. Seafood Shack – fresh fish to satisfy your seafood cravings
  7. Bonsai Sushi – wonderful sushi place and makes a great lunch or dinner option
  8. Steakhouse – Fahrenheit 555 is an amazing steakhouse that you won’t want to miss with classic and more contemporary offerings. Call for reservations. 
  9. Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast – Perfect for kids and adults alike! Enjoy all the characters and get plenty of fun photos in this adorable brunch!
  10. The Chef’s Table – another can’t miss fun time. Older kids also love this but seating is limited so if you want to do this, make sure to make reservations onboard the first day. 

There are plenty more places to eat too, like the coffee bar, lido marketplace, Carnival deli, seaday brunch and more too!

There are also lots of things to do everywhere. Be sure to check out the daily activities schedule they leave in your room everyday. 

Carnival hosted this getaway for myself and family by providing us with cruise tickets and many of the delicious eating options shown. We covered, out of our own pockets all other associated fees for tips, taxes, extra dining, excursions and etc. All thoughts and opinions 100% mine. 



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