Floribean Stuffing Recipe


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Can you believe it? I can’t, I’m still in a bit of denial. I mean where did this year go? And now it’s time to make Thanksgiving menus and start planning for the holidays.

We’ve had so many exciting times this year though, and I can’t wait to get together as a family and reflect around the table about all the fun times we’ve had. And of course enjoy all that wonderful food. Every year I try and make Thanksgiving dinner different and special. This year, I want  our Thanksgiving dinner to be a reflection of where we live, where we’ve grown up and where we’re raising our family.


So all of our Thanksgiving items are going to have a Floribean theme. Floribean is a term for the cuisine of our region. It’s where the south meets the coast and intermixes with the islands. Our regional cuisine is like no other in the country. It’s based on southern cooking but because of our history and demographic make-up (our large Hispanic community, and don’t forget we where owned by Spain for way longer than we’ve been a part of the United States.)  It’s also strongly influenced by Spanish Caribean cuisine. All of the abundant fresh foods, seafood and fruits also put a unique spin our style of cooking that makes it not only filled with flavor, but also fresh and wonderful.

This is my first Thanksgiving Floribean recipe that I tried out, it’s a simple stuffing recipe that has a wonderful fresh flavor that’s sure to please everyone. I start with cornbread and then add my favorite sausage from Jones Dairy Farm. For this recipe, I used the ground sausage and browned it. It added so much flavor to my recipe. Then I added fresh vegetables, a little citrus, cilantro and shrimp.



This is a stuffing you’ll want to get seconds and thirds of. It’s just that good. For even more amazing stuffing ideas for your family’s feast, be sure to head to StuffingandMore.com. There’s so many delicious, original stuffing recipes that you’ll want to try. There’s also a a Stuffing vs. Dressing Poll for you to share what your family calls this delicious holiday side dish.

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  1. Paula+-+bell'alimento — November 14, 2014 @ 1:50 pm

    What an awesome stuffing recipe!

  2. This looks incredible!

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