Ginger Beer Floats

It has been such an exciting past few weeks for our family. We’ve got quite a few projects around the house done. We’ve installed a fresh door, recovered the dining chairs, and put a new T.V. in the kitchen.  We don’t have an open concept kitchen and family room, so it was either tear down a wall so I could see the family room T.V. or just put a T.V. in the kitchen. The latter choice was much more economical 🙂

Our family has had lots of fun playing outside these past few weeks too. The weather has been perfect and our pool is nice and warm. On the weekends, we’ve been swimming and floating lazily around the pool. My daughter and I have been going for long walks every day and when my son comes home we go for bike rides in the neighborhood. We’re enjoying it now before every afternoon is filled with summer thunderstorms.

Because it’s already nice and warm here in Florida, we’re already enjoying cool summer treats like these Ginger Beer Floats. I absolutely love to make simple soda floats for the family. They are super simple and you can change up the flavor so easily by just using a different soda and ice cream flavor.

These floats are super easy – just 3 ingredients! I used Ginger Beer, Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream and Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. The mint and citrus slices are for garnish and completely optional.

To start these, I add a few scoops of Breyer’s Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream to a mason jar.

For these I also added some Florida’s Natural Orange Juice for delicious flavor. It really makes these floats just the most delicious summer sweet treat.

Ginger Beer is something new to us. If you’ve never had it before, think of it as root beer because it’s non-alcoholic and completely safe for the little ones. It is, however, packed full of flavor just like root beer. It’s a little spicy, so you might want to add less ginger beer and more OJ for the kid’s floats.

After pouring over the Ginger Beer, then I add a sprig of mint for garnish. Aren’t they pretty?

Everyone will fall in love with these. They even make great treats for entertaining with their sweet and spicy flavor. You can even add a little rum or bourbon for the adults if you like. Make them for a summer afternoon treat, or for a delicious after dinner dessert.

You can find all kinds of sweet treats to make wonderful desserts like this in your grocer’s freezer isle. There are so many amazing ice cream flavors and wonderful ice cream novelties to enjoy. You can also find tons of ingredients for simple breakfasts, lunches as well as fast and easy dinners.

Don’t overlook the dairy aisle either. From fresh fruit juices to delicious cheeses and tasty cinnamon rolls. You are sure to find items to make life more simple and more delicious!

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Yield: Makes 4 floats

Ginger Beer Floats

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2 canned or bottled Ginger Beers

2 cups Florida's Natural Orange Juice

12 (3 scoops per person) scoops Breyer's Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

Mint and/or citrus slices for garnish (optional)


Add 3 scoops of ice cream per mason jar then top with 1/2 cup orange juice and enough ginger beer to fill glass (about 1/2 a can or bottle).

Garnish with fresh mint and citrus slices if desired. Serve and enjoy!

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