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I’ve got an amazing new tea to share with you today from ITO EN, Japan’s leading purveyor of green tea. I am a huge green tea fan, so much so that I switched out my regular ice tea a few years ago for iced green tea. It’s so much more refreshing and crisp, especially for these hot summer days.

Shincha Green Tea is the year’s very first harvest of green tea. I first spotted it in Cosco, and had to try it. It’s a first harvest green tea (in Japanese, “shin” means new, and “cha” means tea). Shincha is eagerly anticipated and celebrated for its fresh and lively flavor, naturally sweet finish and smooth umami character. It’s made by ITO EN, Japan’s leading purveyor of green tea, and a major force in the US green tea movement, with access to the world’s highest-quality tea leaves through direct relationships with tea growers.

Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s even better for you than typical green tea. This tea has higher concentrations of the amino acid L-theanine, catechin antioxidants and Vitamin C, along is even lower in caffeine. I’ve been enjoying this tea everyday. It’s the perfect refreshing drink for summer. But don’t wait too long to try this tea for yourself.  Shincha is a seasonal item, and only available for a few precious months.

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America’s most acclaimed Japanese chefs, including Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu Restaurants states “Shincha offers the ultimate tea experience for us Japanese. I am pleased that it has made its way to America as the fresh aroma and flavor is truly unmatched. Its smooth and clean finish truly complements the purity of our cuisine.”

What better way to enjoy Oi Ocha Shincha Green Tea than with some fresh summer fruit. Here I have some of our summer favorites that make great pairings for this amazing tea. Front and center is a big juicy black plum. In the back to the right is a red pear or summer pear. They are amazing! And my favorite on the left is a white flesh nectarine. These are like candy to me, so amazing!

Oi Ocha’s Shincha is available in 16.9 fl oz. BPA-free, recyclable bottles at select retailers, including select Costco stores and all Wegmans. You can also order it at www.itoen.com in limited quantities.

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 Now Time For The Giveaway!

How about ending the summer with a refreshing kick? Do you want to win not 1, but 2 cases of Oi Ocha’s Shincha Green Tea !?! Of course you do!  You can use the tea to host a party or serve the Shincha at your next gathering as you wrap up summer.

Just use the widget below to enter the giveaway for 24 bottles (2 cases) of Oi Ocha Shincha Green Tea.

ITO EN (North America) INC., a subsidiary of ITO EN (Japan) LTD., is an innovative beverage industry leader dedicated to creating authentic products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural, Safe, Healthy, Well-designed and Delicious. ITO EN is specifically known as a global leader in green tea with award-winning brands, including TEAS’ TEA, Oi Ocha, ITO EN Shots and Matcha LOVE, artisanal loose leaf teas and most recently brewed coffee, Jay Street Coffee. For more information, please visit www.itoen.com.

This post sponsored by Oi Ocha Shincha Green Tea. All thoughts and opinions 100% mine.

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