Green Black Eyed Peas


Today I am bringing you a simple recipe that will inspire you to have a home garden, that is if you don’t already. If you happened to catch my new year’s black eyed peas recipe, you know that I am not fond of dried black eyed peas, unless they have some serious flavor help, like my Spicy black eyed peas recipe. My husband has a great job, with amazing benefits. No not company benefits, benefits of food gifts, from patients. He had a wonderful, sweet lady last week that just so happens to have had a backyard garden full of delicious southern peas and greens.

Her freezer was packed so full of delicious peas from her bountiful harvest, she was able to share. I couldn’t have been happier when my husband came home with a freezer bag full of green black eyed peas. I had been missing them so much, I actually have been missing all of those wonderful southern peas lately. I have been able to find frozen commercial southern peas, but they just don’t taste the same as home grown. I had all but given up hope that I would be able to get my hands on any until we were able to purchase a home with an actual yard, so that I could plant whatever I wanted to eat. Then came this simple gift of peas, one of the best presents our family received this holiday season. The smell of the simmering peas was a comfort of home to me. Peas were such s staple of our diet when I was growing up. They are a cheap, protein packed food that are a diet staple for many southern families. To make them as shown in the picture, you shell the larger pods, and pick some very young tender pods to snap and add to the peas.

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Yield: Serves 4

Green Black Eyed Peas Recipe

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2 cups shelled fresh black eyed peas and snaps
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
2 teaspoons butter
4 cups water


Add peas, butter, water, and salt to a small saucepan. Bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to medium low, and cook for 30-45 minutes until tender.

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