Ham and Pineapple Flat Bread Pizzas

ham and pineapple pizzas

My husband and I have really tried to cut our calories and increase our cardio over the last month and a half. Between the two of us, we’ve shed right at 30 pounds, most of it was my husband of course. One of our key things to cut calories, besides to cut all the junk foods, was to cut out sandwiches and pizza for dinner. Eliminating our weekly pizza takeout has made a huge difference. But I just can’t live without pizza. I just love it too much.

In the past, I’ve made pizzas on pita bread, on zucchini and I’ve even tried that cauliflower crust. But my favorite quick and easy pizza crust that’s low calorie is flatbread. For these pizzas, I used a whole wheat flatbread that adds even more nutrition. Then I used jarred marinara sauce in place of the pizza sauce. Either works well.

smithfield ham

Our very favorite pizza is Hawaiian, so I was so happy when I found this Hickory Smoked Premium Quarter Boneless Sliced Hams from Smithfield. This ham is so easy, I just diced up a few slices of ham, and then added some fresh pineapple chunks. I also added some green bell peppers. We also love to use hot banana pepper rings or jalapeño peppers on this pizza, but that’s our own little odd preference.

Smithfield ham  is now available in twenty different cuts and flavors, including sliced (as shown), cubed and steak, making it much easier to incorporate smaller portions of ham into your favorite recipes.  You can now use Anytime Favorites to enhance scrambled eggs, add to a soup or sandwich, or simply add to your dinner.


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Yield: 4 flatbread pizzas

Ham and Pineapple Flat Bread

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   Total Time:   30 minutes


4 pieces flat bread
1/2 cup marinara sauce
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1 cup green bell peppers
1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1/4 cup chopped Smithfield Anytime Slices Ham


Heat oven to 450°. Lay flatbread on cookie sheet. Spoon marinara sauce onto flatbread.

Sprinkle cheese

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