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Homemade French Fries


This is my version of homemade french fries. The secret of my version is in the frying oil. I picked this up from my mother. She was very frugal and kept and reused frying oil. When she made french fries, from scratch, or frozen, she always used frying oil that had already been used to for pork or chicken. She never reused the oil from frying fish, because it gives the fries an unpleasing taste. She kept the used oil in a coffee canister, and also added bacon drippings to this used oil every time she cooked bacon. This resulted in what me and my sister deemed as “gross!” However, this concoction was an extremely tasty frying oil. My mother pushed the limits with re-using oil. I , however, only use fresh oil to fry meats, and then keep that oil to fry potatoes or another vegetable once, and through it out. I will also add bacon drippings to the vegetable oil to add flavor. It is not as good as some of the European recipes that use all animal fat to fry the potatoes, but I can at least sleep at night knowing my arteries won’t be instantly clogged.
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