Lunch Box Ideas and Yopliat GoGurt


If I could, I would make my son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for his school lunch from now until forever. Unfortunately, he hates peanut butter and jelly, with a passion. He says it’s too sticky and gooey. Sometimes he’ll settle for crunchy peanut butter and honey, but not very often. He is a spoiled little guy and only wants last night’s leftovers or something fun and creative.


So with a little encouragement, I think of something he’ll agree on every morning, and pack it in his lunch . Yesterday morning it was these sandwich pinwheels. I made these with large spinach wraps, turkey, cheese, lettuce tomato and carrots.

Ideally, I like to just give him leftovers, but that doesn’t always work out as planned. So when I’m in n a hurry to make his lunch, some things I can make in about 10 minutes or less in the morning are grilled cheese sandwiches, marinara pasta, instant mac n’ cheese or some canned hearty soup. I also like to make homemade lunchables – ritz crackers, meat and cheese or little sandwich meat and cheese sliders.


I always add some fruit and cut up fresh vegetables to his lunch along with a Yopliat GoGurt. I freeze them the night before, and as it thaws, it helps keep his lunch cool until lunchtime. There are so many different Yoplait Go-GURT flavors. My son seems to love them all.

This post sponsored by Yoplait. All opinions 100% mine.

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