Mango Orange Soda Floats

mango orange soda floats

Soda Floats are where it’s at. My husband and son love root beer the best, but my favorite are soda floats made with orange soda. For these slots I used an orange mango soda from SodaStream, but orange soda would work just as well. To make it an adult beverage add a splash of Grand Marnier. It’s so good!


Every once in a while I like to take the time to review a kitchen appliance that I think would be a worth while investment for some of my readers. Today I want to introduce you to the SodaStream. This is something we’ve talked about for quite a while in our house, whether to get one or not. We really don’t drink much soda at all, so I really never thought it would be worth while. But because my son, well the whole family actually, loves sparkling water, I thought it would help up our water intake.

open sodastream machine

The SodaStream is so simple to use. It doesn’t require electricity. You just insert a CO2 Carbonator into the back of the machine and carbonate your own filtered water. My son has loved making bubbly water with it. We’ve been adding fruit to make bubbly fruit water, lime or lemon for a citrusy bubbly water and even cool cucumber for sparkly cucumber water. The possibilities are endless, and you can enjoy delicious naturally flavored sparkly water with no added sugar, because you control the ingredients!

attaching bottle to machine

There’s even a control that allows you to adjust just the amount of carbonation you add. A little for sparkling water, or a lot for sodas.

carbonating the water

We’ve been trying lots of the sodas from SodaStream. This mango orange flavor is one of my favorites. But really, they’re all incredible.

pouring in flavoring

Here are some of the flavors we’ve been trying. There are so many you can choose from at Sodastream.com.

soda flavorings

You can also find lots of recipes plus all the nutritional information on these soda syrups at SodaStream.com.

orange cream sodas

recipe photo

Yield: 2 floats

Mango Orange Soda Floats

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Orange soda

Vanilla Ice cream

Frosty Beer Mugs

1 shot Grand Marnier per float (optional)


Add ice cream to frosty mugs. Top with soda and add a shot of Grand Marnier if desired. Serve and enjoy!

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I received the SodaStream featured above for review purposes. 

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