Stuffed Portobellos and Peppers @EclecticEveryday

Stuffed Portobellos and Peppers

This recipe started out as stuffed peppers.  Then I looked and realized I did not have as many peppers as I thought I did.  And there in the bottom...

Chicken Caesar Salad @EclecticEveryday

Chicken Caesar Salad

This is a fabulous chicken caesar salad with a delicious creamy dressing with none of the fears of raw eggs. I don’t mind using raw eggs in my cooking,...

Mochaccino Cake @EclecticEveryday

Mochaccino Cake

This was my husband’s birthday cake.  My husband adores coffee and chocolate, so I had to combine the two in this delicious birthday cake.  This is a super moist...

Chicken Flautas @EclecticEveryday

Chicken Flautas

These are my favorite Mexican treats.  They are supper easy to do.  Flautas are much like taquitos, except, taquitos are much skinnier and made with smaller corn tortillas and...

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