Proflowers Bonsai Gift Selections Review

What’s more exciting than receiving a gift at home or the office from the delivery man? There’s just something very special and unexpected about a delivered gift. And its so easy to give a gift to be delivered, especially for those loved ones living far away. You don’t have to worry about the shipping of the gift, when ordering a delivered gift, everything is taken care of for you.

Proflowers has a great site to browse through a variety of gifts for every occasion. You can browse their flowers and gifts by occasion, type of flower and even flower color. Their site is easy to navigate. Here’s some of my favorite flower arrangements:

Another great feature is their Proflowers Florist Express. Order online at your convenience and have the flowers arranged and delivered by your local florist. Add something special to the flower arrangement, like a gift certificate from restaurants.com.

Proflowers also has a variety of gifts extending beyond the usual freshly cut flowers. I always love to receive the gift of flowers, but its so sad when the die. I always dry, press, or sometimes even freeze one flower from my bouquet to enjoy it in the future. If you would rather give some delicious treats, they have fruit and snack selections as well as these sweet treats:


Proflowers has another great alternative to fresh cut flowers, a whole line of beautiful living green plants. What could be better than a living plant that can last for years. The plants come with directions for care and there are even more tips on the website. There are cute bonsai tress, potted plants and even some orchids.

bonsai trees

Proflowers sent me this gorgeous Gardenia Bonsai to review.

arrives in bud form

It arrived in a large box. When I opened it, I was so impressed with the packaging. The plant had lots of room in the box, while the pot it was planted in was secured and very well cushioned in the bottom of the box. The plant was in good health, and not wilted at all. When I removed the packaging, the plant had good moisture in the soil. The packaging was so good, that none of the soil had came out of the pot. It was much better than expected. The plant also arrived in bud form. It has 3 or 4 buds on it and I am anxiously awaiting the buds to open. The sweet smell of gardenia is my favorite flower smell. My granny had a big gardenia plant in her yard and the smell brings back such great memories. When we first moved in our home, a gardenia was the first plant I planted. Now when its in bloom, I’ll take the flowers not only in my home, but will also set them on the car dashboard to make the car smell good. I am so happy I now have that wonderful smell in my home, without having to pick the flowers off my outdoor gardenia. It makes me very happy!

Disclaimer: I was only sent the Bonsai plant you see in the photo in turn for a product review.

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