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Yesterday was my son’s first day of school. It was a day filled with happiness and a little sadness too because it was his first day of what we call real school. Even though he’s starting the first grade, this is his first year at public school. Last year we kept him at his Montessori school with the teachers he loved. It was so nice to have him there one last year to be nurtured and pampered by such wonderful teachers.

Lest week we went and met his amazing new teacher. I think this year is going to go great. I believe she’s the perfect personality for him, a strong and loving woman but far from being a strict type-A person. The only obstacle that we’re going to have to overcome this year is getting up so early. School starts at 7:40, so we need to be up no later than 7:00 to have him there on time.

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To help start our early day off right, I decided to make a pot of Millstone® coffee. Millstone® is a premium, slow-roasted coffee which is truly “A Cup Above the Rest.”

It’s also a coffee that I have enjoyed for years. My mother use to work for them and I loved the little fragrant bags of coffee she use to bring home. And there were so many varieties, each one better than the last.

Now, they’re offering two new varieties – Millstone® Mayan Black Onyx™ and House Blend™ – available now. Yesterday and today we had the House Blend™.   It’s an incredibly smooth, not too strong coffee. It’s something that just about everyone would love.

This coffee goes great with a light breakfast. We enjoyed it yesterday with just cereal and fruit, and today with a scrambled egg, fruit and cinnamon toast. This coffee would also be great in the afternoon as a little pick me up with fresh berries, peaches or pears.

I think this coffee is best brewed with filtered water. That we you can truly appreciate each and every flavor. It’s also best to start with a clean coffee pot for the best coffee. I like to clean mine by running a solution of half water and half vinegar through the machine and bleaching the coffee carafe until the stains are gone.

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This post sponsored by Millstone Coffee. All thoughts and opinions 100% mine.

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