White Chocolate Cream Cheese Berry Bites

My son is starving after I pick him up from school. It’s a battle saying no, no, no as we pass fast food restaurants on the way home. I try to keep him focused on what I can whip up in a snap when we get home. And I keep trying to convince him how much tastier and healthier it is than fast food fries and deep fried bits of chicken.

When we get home, I head straight to the kitchen to put little treats like these together. I just started making these using PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights cream cheese spread. It’s a delicious flavored cream cheese that makes great little snacks for the kids and yourself that will keep you satisfied until dinner. You can also just use the spread as a dip for fresh fruit, pretzels or graham crackers. It’s so delicious!

I made these little bites with white chocolate. Snack Delights also comes in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate (my fav!), Cinnamon and Caramel flavors.

Yield: Serves 4

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Berry Bites

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Nilla Wafers
PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights white chocolate cream cheese spread
blackberries and raspberries


Spread Snack Delights white chocolate cream cheese over Nilla wafers. Top with a berry and enjoy!

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