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10 Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Happy New Year! Do you need some ideas to spruce up that inexpensive bottle of champagne you’ll be opening at midnight? My hubby and I have rounded up 10 super easy recipes, 9 of which only have 2 ingredients.

Champagne Cocktail
1 sugar cube
a dash of bitters
fill with champagne

Blue Velvet
1 shot Blue Curacao
Fill with Champagne

Black Velvet
1/2 Guinness Beer
1/2 Champagne

1 shot Midori Melon Liquor
Fill with Champagne

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail
1 shot raspberry liquor, chambord
Fill with Champagne

Strawberry Champagne Cocktail
1 shot Fragoli, wild strawberry liquor
Fill with Champagne

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail
1 shot Pama, pomegranate liqueur
Fill with Champagne

Champagne Di Amore
1 shot Sambuca
Fill with Champagne

Peach Champagne Cocktail
1 shot peach schnapps
Fill with Champagne

Champagne Bomb
1 shot J├Ągermeister
Fill with Champagne

And for those of you who have never seen or thought it was possible to open a champagne bottle with a knife, my husband was kind enough to show us how easy it is. If you try it at home, use the blunt side of a very good knife and give it a confident whack. You can open a corked or a screw top bottle champagne this way, and the way it breaks, there are no glass shards anyway.

Forgive my French (in the video), I hadn’t seen him do this in a while.

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