$100 Question, What’s your favorite way to enjoy whipped Cream?

questionI am so happy to be a part of the Blogher $100 question. I am the host for today’s question, What’s your favorite way to enjoy whipped cream? Just follow the previous link to go to the Blogher site to enter the contest. This is such a fun exciting giveaway program where every answer could be worth a $100 dollars!

My favorite way to enjoy whipped cream is on key lime pie, but sometimes I just enjoy a quick sneak of the whipped cream out of the can! My son always hears the familiar sound of the rushing air and cream out of the can and comes running. He begs for me to fill his mouth too with whipped cream, its so funny how our sneaky little habits always get copied by our little ones!

The contest is open till 5pm on June 21st. Just visit the Blogher 0 question page to enter.

Remember, don’t comment here to enter, you must use one of the links above to go to the Blogher website and leave a comment their to enter. Good Luck and thanks for entering!

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