BBQ Chicken Burgers

We love to make different types of  burgers in the summer. I’ve made lots of different beef and turkey burgers, but had never made a chicken burger. I’ve seen a few chicken burgers on different blogs, and really wanted to try them. For this recipe, I made my chicken burgers BBQ flavored. For the main seasoning, I used my favorite bottled BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s. There are so many different BBQ sauces on the market. Just use your favorite for this recipe.

I made these burgers on my Cuisinart panini electric griddler. Because of the addition of BBQ sauce to the meat, the patties I formed weren’t very firm. For that reason, this recipe will not do well on a conventional grill, but will work in a grill pan, an electric grill like the one I used, or a George Foreman grill. You can also just fry them up simply in a skillet.

I topped my burgers with Muenster cheese and added more BBQ sauce to the bun. They were really good and so juicy. It was a great alternative to plain beef burgers.

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