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father giving baby water

Our 3rd baby boy is now 5 months old. It seems just like yesterday I was nine months pregnant, and couldn’t wait to have this baby. Now he’s already a big baby! He’s so full of energy and our other 2 kids just adore him. He’s rolling, trying to sit up, scooting on the carpet and loves trying new fruits and vegetables.

He’s been such a good nurser. He’s steadily gaining more and more weight and is now in the 80% for weight for his age. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, especially with my first. I felt like so many people told me things like babies should sleep through the night and that they should only nurse every 2 – 3 hours, and that babies close to a year of age would just wean themselves. It made me feel like I was doing it all wrong with my first.

However, now that I’m on the third baby, I know what’s normal and what’s not. I know all babies are different and it’s okay! I know that most babies like to nurse all the time, they don’t sleep through the night and no they don’t all wean themselves. And babies get super hungry when they smell good food just like us. Most importantly though, I learned to just go with the flow.



other getting water while holding baby

After 3 kids, here’s my best Tips & tricks to breastfeeding for new moms:

  • Hydration is the most important key – Drinking lots of water was super important to do while you were pregnant, but now it’s even more important because you’re making milk for your little one. If you’ve started a weight loss routine or if you’re doing cardio workouts, it’s even more so important! But beyond just drinking water- the quality of the water you drink is crucial as it will be what goes into your baby’s system. (More information on this below- keep reading!)
  • Throw out the schedules – Babies breastfeed all the time, until they don’t. They’ll cluster feed, wanting to nurse nonstop for what seems like forever then they’ll go for 3 – 4 hours and not want anything. Every baby is different and has different needs. Just go with the flow!
  • Practice makes perfect – Both mom and baby need to figure out what works best for them. My 3 kids have all nursed differently and learned how to latch differently. My first was nursing like a mad man right after birth and my second didn’t want to nurse for hours. Every baby is different!
  • Don’t worry about your milk supply – Babies nurse what they need, and us moms make exactly how much they need and when they need it. From my experience, just make sure your baby is making at least least five or six wet diapers a day and it’s fine.
  • Babies want breakfast, lunch and dinner – When babies smell food, they want to nurse. Don’t think you’ll ever be able to eat with your partner again without them fussing. I’ve finally just given into nursing while I’m eating dinner.
  • Get some sleep – Babies are going to wake to nurse, multiple times, and it’s so hard to get the sleep you need. I find it’s easier to just set up the crib, bassinet or whatever in your room with the diapers and wipes too. This saves time at night and helps you get more rest!
  • Lanolin is your best friend – There’s lots of natural cures for sore nipples, some more ridiculous than others. I’ve tried all the remedies and the only thing that works is lanolin.
  • Fed is Best – Remember if breastfeeding isn’t for you, or you have a medical reason, or whatever the reason, just feed your baby! The formulas that are made now have great nutrition, and no one should feel less than for not feeding their baby this way or that way.

father trying to give happy baby water from bottle

And if you use formula, make sure to mix it with good quality water. The type of water you use to make formula with is just as an important decision as what type of formula you choose. Tap water in some homes can actually be dangerous* for little ones.

This was a huge concern for us a few weeks ago when we started to introduce solids to our baby. I didn’t want to use regular tap water to make his baby food or to offer him with his foods. We do have a filter on our refrigerator water dispenser, but I don’t feel comfortable with that water either. I can definitely tell it still tastes like city water.


primo water jug next to dispenser

That’s why I was so happy to find the Primo® First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser. This water dispenser is a great way to provide mom and baby with better quality water for hydrating & for conveniently mixing baby formula. Primo® Water is a great choice for making baby formula. The Primo® First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser actually dispenses water at the perfect temperature for a baby bottle, 98.6-104°. How cool is that? It’s also the perfect temperature if you’re just giving baby water in a bottle or cup at mealtime. 

But beyond just using for mom & baby bottles, the Primo Water Dispenser gives everyone access to safe, great-tasting Primo® water, and this dispenser will grow with a family’s needs as the options for icy cold and hot water are also part of this station​. Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that eliminates harmful substances to ensure you are drinking high quality and safe water that you can trust.

young girl about to drink water

Most tap water from your faucet contains chemicals and other contaminants that purified water doesn’t. And pound for pound, a baby’s body can’t filter contaminants like adults can. Primo’s Purification Process removes or significantly reduces the presence of:

  • Chlorine & Chlorine by-products
  • Bacteria and parasites
  • Heavy metals including lead
  • Trace levels of pharmaceuticals & more

primo 5 gallon water jug

Primo Water doesn’t contain fluoride either, which also poses concerns for babies. Since formula has small amounts of fluoride, you could potentially increase the chances of fluorosis (white discolorations on the teeth) by using fluoridated tap water to mix formula.

father feeding baby primo water

It also has a self-sanitizing function that boils water in the warm water reservoir to ensure quality. I love that, because I’m a huge germaphobe.

My older kids, my husband and I love the ice water feature. I found that I’ve been drinking way more water now since it’s easily accessible. And like noted above, the station does have a hot water option to conveniently make hot drinks, but this dispenser has a child-resistant safety feature, so no fears of burns for the kiddos!

using the primo water button interface

This dispenser is so easy to setup too- no tools, plumbing or installation required. I love how this water dispenser looks too. It has easy to clean surfaces, stainless steel water reservoirs and a removable dishwasher-safe drip tray. It also has a continuous water dispensing feature, an LED night light and indicator lights for heating, cooling, sanitizing, and empty bottle. 

Safe, great-tasting Primo® water is so easy to load in this dispenser too with the dispenser’s simple bottom loading design. Simply purchase a 3 or 5-gallon water bottles (sold separately) at a retailer near you  and just push the bottle into the cabinet, easy-peasy!


primo water jug hooked up to dispenser


Primo works to help families drink more and better water everyday instead of potentially unsafe tap. I have everyone in the family fill their water bottles for the day so we can stay hydrated!

boy getting water from primo dispenser

Try out the Primo® First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser or other Primo water dispensers & be sure to also add it to your baby registries! 

*The EWG water database allows people to see the types of contaminants from local water sources. Old homes have lead and other contaminants in the pipes.

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