Coco’s Favorite Things #HappyStartsHere

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Our choclate lab is definitely a very important part of  my family. I would be lying is I said we didn’t spoil him rotten. He’s just super cute and cuddly and so friendly. So today I thought I’d share with you some of his favorite things to do.

Coco spends most of his day sleeping. When he’s not under my feet napping, he’s on a dog bed. That’s why I got him this big squishy orthopedic bed. He loves this thing.

But his day isn’t totally sleep. He likes to play too. I’ve spent so much money on squeaky toays, rubber tires and other expensive toys, and he either ignors them or destroys them. His favorite toys are tennis balls and random sticks he finds to play fetch with.

SInce he’s a lab, he also loves to swim in our backyard pool. He doesn’t care that the water is chilly!

Coco also loves to get into trouble. Just a few weeks ago he broke out of the backyard and spent a week in the county dog pound. Mommy had to come bail his tail out. So now he has a newer, tighter fitting collar with all his tags. My husband was afraid the pretty patterened collar might make him look girly, but he’s a boy dog with a girl’s’ name, who cares?

One of his favorite things is to play with my son, his favorite human. They play and play until Coco is just worn out!

But Coco’s favorite time of all is dinner time. And his food of choice? ALPO. It gets his ears perked up, and his tail wagging.

He can’t wait till I open that can. If he could talk, I bet he’d say that he loves ALPO because it’s so meaty and delicious.

I love this video below. ALPO made a great did a great video about dogs in a focus group that talk. All the dogs are saying how much they love ALPO. It’s so cute! 

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  1. Paula - bell'alimento — December 10, 2013 @ 2:07 pm

    I think Charlie would love a play date with Coco. Adorbs.

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