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coco in the pool

We’ve spent most of our weekdays this summer in our backyard, playing in the pool and basking in the sun. And whenever I get the kids in the pool, our precious dog Coco isn’t far behind. He loves to come in the pool and swim around, but he mostly loves to play fetch in the pool!

coco swimming towards treat

Being a Chocolate Labrador, our Coco loves to retrieve, especially in the water.  He can swim back and forth across the pool so many times I’ll lose count. I can definitely tell when he’s in his happy place while he’s playing and swimming in the water!

coco attempting to catch treats

He has so much fun playing with the kids and swimming in the pool.  He even allows my small daughter to ride on his back like a turtle sometimes. My daughter gets so excited because she spends most of her indoor time playing or watching T.V. while laying on or sitting on her dear Coco. And he just eats up all that attention. It’s so adorable, words just can’t explain.

coco grabbing treats

When we’re not throwing his ball in the pool to fetch, I’ll set up a sprinkler so Coco and the kids can play in the water. Coco loves to chase the kids through the sprinkler and bite at the water. It’s so much fun to watch them play!

coco swimming away from camera

We also sometimes take Coco to the lake or beach, and he’ll have a blast. Although it seems he’s most comfortable at home, in our backyard pool.  And it might also be that I’m not all that fond of transporting dirty, wet dogs back home in my car.  Whatever the case may be, he’s more than happy to swim and play in our pool at home, have a bath, and then lay in the sun on the pool deck to dry.

coco turning around to get treats

Coco seems to have endless energy when it comes to playing fetch in the pool. He just never gives up on a ball, and never seems to run out of energy even though he’s got more than a few grey hairs on his sweet little muzzle.

coco standing in front of dog food

To help fuel Coco’s boundless, puppy-like energy, I love to feed him Nature’s Recipe®Grain Free dog food from Walmart. It’s a natural, grain free pet food with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients that helps Coco be his best.

coco eating dog food

Some say you can measure dog happiness in tail wags. And if that’s the case, Coco has got to be one of the happiest dogs ever! He just can’t stop wagging that tail especially when it’s dinnertime!

coco standing on pavers

Coco absolutely loves the taste of Nature’s Recipe dog food. It’s the only dry dog food I don’t have to add wet food to to get him to eat it. Nature’s Recipe keeps Coco full of energy and his tail wagging happily.

coco shaking water off

Nature’s Recipe is a premium, grain free dog food made with real lamb, chicken or salmon as the #1 ingredient. It also contains nutrient-dense carbohydrates like sweet potato and pumpkin. Because of the quality ingredients, it’s easy for your dog to digest and has the nutrition needed to fuel your dog’s best life.

coco lively swimming in water

Nature’s Recipe contains no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product, or artificial flavors and preservatives, so you can feel good about serving it to your dog.

coco standing in front of yellow dog food bag looking at camera

I get Nature’s Recipe in the dog food aisle at Walmart at a great price. You don’t have to spend a lot to purchase a high quality, grain free dog food for your dog. Be sure to visit the Grain Free Portfolio on the Walmart website to learn more about Nature’s Recipe and see all the varieties available.

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