Perfect for Busy Mornings! NEW Jimmy Dean Delights® Egg’wich

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overhead view of jim dean egg'wich and oranges

I can’t deny it; I’m a morning person. I routinely get up before anyone else in the family to prepare breakfast and sneak a cup of fresh coffee. I love the silence and enjoying a quick minute to myself before everyone wakes up. I can have time to make lunches and prepare a delicious breakfast for the family.

My family loves breakfast too and I do my best to make a hot breakfast every day of the week. And yes, even though I wake up before everyone else, breakfast can often be rushed and hectic on weekdays. However, I still love to sit down with my family and share a meal in the mornings. It’s a great way to start out the day, while quickly relaxing and enjoying a quick bite before everyone leaves.

egg'wich with orange slices and jim dean box in background

With the kids now both in school (my son will be in 5thgrade and my daughter in preschool) things will be even more hectic. In addition to that, with the arrival of our new baby in November, I know our days are going to be even busier, but the good kind of busy! That’s why I’m stocking up the freezer with easy go-to meals the family loves now!

I like to fill my freezer with simple solutions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but especially breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day! One of our new favorite products are the NEW Jimmy Dean Delights® Egg’wich – Broccoli and Cheese Egg Frittatas with Chicken Sausage and Cheese available at Publix. These new breakfast sandwiches are a quick, protein-packed breakfast for busy mornings.

jim dean egg'wich box with fruit and coffee

If you are looking to amp up your protein, these NEW Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich are perfect! They are made with 2 real egg frittatas, so they taste amazing! I love them because it’s a great way to get in a protein packed breakfast, and being pregnant, I need all the protein I can get!

My kids also love them. I serve them with just fresh juice or a few pieces of fresh fruit for breakfast. They are such an easy way to serve a hot protein-packed breakfast to the family!

egg'wich and oranges on plate overhead view grey background

Serving my family a protein packed breakfast before they leave for the day is so important. It helps myself and my husband stay satisfied until lunch and it keeps the kids full and happy at school!

There’s at least 13 grams of protein per sandwich, plus they are under 300 calories. They also contain no artificial flavors or colors and can be made in less than 2 minutes – perfect for busy mornings when your kids can’t find their shoes, homework or backpack and mom is the only one with the magical powers to make these items appear!

jim dean egg'wich sandwich and box with oranges grey background

Because these are lower calorie and packed with protein, they are also perfect for people counting calories. And because they have so much protein, they help keep you feeling fuller longer. These yummy breakfast sandwiches are definitely also going to be part of my post-baby slim down menu.

We tried the Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich Broccoli and Cheese Egg Frittatas with Chicken Sausage and Cheese. You can also find the awesomely delicious Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich Bacon, Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Parmesan Egg Frittatas with Turkey Sausage and Cheese at Publix too. These are so delicious, it’s easy to “Go Breadless with Egg’wich.”

egg'wich box beside sandwich and fruit on plate overhead view grey background

I found Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich in the frozen food aisle by the other Jimmy Dean products at my local Publix. And right now there’s a great coupon for $1 off any 1 Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich Breakfast Sandwich, 4pk, www.publix.com/savings/flyers. Offer is only valid from 8/18-8/31, so don’t delay, pick up your Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich Breakfast Sandwiches at Publix today!

egg sandwich with box in background

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