Coffee Mug Herb Garden and a Giveaway

herb garden in mugs

Spring is here, well sort of. I see things blooming and I can’t stop sneezing because there’s so much pollen in the air. However it’s still really cool, even for Florida! Hopefully it will warm up in the coming weeks so I’ll be more motivated to start some Springtime gardening.

In the meantime, I’ve started some seeds for our garden. I planted several things outside, and a few things inside. After last year, and losing some of my prize herbs to the heat, I decided to move some of my herbs to my sunny kitchen window where the temperature will be a little cooler come July and August.

To start my seeds, I’ve found these really cool little seed starter pods from Miracle-Gro called Gro-ables.

miraclegro growables

Gro-ables are seed pods that provide an ideal growing environment for your seed. Each ready-to-plant seed pod contains growing materials, plant food and a specially selected seed from one of 17 different varieties including basil, spinach, cilantro, dill, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and more. All you need to do is plant your seed, water and enjoy watching it grow into something greater.


I decided to plant mine in some spare coffee cups I had lying around the kitchen. Since coffee cups don’t have holes in the bottoms, I added some landscaping rocks to the bottom of the cup for drainage. Smaller pebbles would probably work better, but I was just using what I had on hand.

open pod

To start this project, you just peel the label off the pod.

placing pod in mug

Then plant in your coffee cup with some additional planting soil.

additional soil

Then just water and watch your herbs grow!

finished herbs

I placed these in my window sill. If the get too big, I’ll transfer them to larger pots.


Want to win some of these fun seed pods for your own garden?

Miracle Grow Gro-ables prize pack includes:

  • Gro-ables seed pods
  • Steel watering can
  • Decorative Herb Plant Labels
  • Gardening Gloves

For a chance to win a Miracle Grow Gro-ables prize pack, just leave a comment below telling me your favorite herb!

For extra entries:

Please leave a comment for each entry Funfetti Cake Batter Baked Donuts {Giveaway} by EclecticRecipes.com #recipe

Giveaway ends April 15.

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