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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tires for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Today instead of talking about groceries, let’s talk about our grocery getters. The vehicles that help take us to the farmer’s market, grocery store and u-pick farms are so important to maintain.  Living in Florida, it rains daily in the summer months so good tires are a must. And in our family, it’s important to us to maintain our vehicles not only safely but also to not spend a lot of money.

To help cut costs on vehicle maintenance my husband and I do a lot of the work ourselves and buy parts on Amazon. If we don’t know how to do something, we can always just Google and find a YouTube video that tells us just how to do it. But when it comes to tires, we always take our cars into the shop to get the best quality tires and have them perfectly mounted and balanced.  Also, speaking of economical living, well-balanced tires with good even treads have been shown time and time again to result in increased performance for your vehicle, better gas mileage, improved traction, and a better overall driving experience for your summer travels.

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And my favorite brand for our SUV and our truck is Cooper tires. They have an amazing price, incredible value and last a really long time. These are the Cooper ties I’ve had on my SUV for the past year or so. I love them. Cooper recently contacted me to share my love for their product, and I couldn’t wait to do so.

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Cooper Tires is an American company that has been in the business of automobile tires for over 100 years and includes subsidiaries that specialize in truck, motorcycle and racing tires. Cooper Tires are always good American quality and fit in your budget! Cooper Tires is giving shoppers the opportunity to roll into summer fun with great offers on select Cooper Tires! They have many affordable options to choose from including:

The Cooper Discoverer SRX

  • The Discoverer SRX is a dedicated SUV and CUV tire that is available in numerous sizes. Recently available in 30 additional sizes, fitting a wide range of SUVs and CUVs, making it the perfect tire for summer road trips.
  • The Discoverer SRX tires fits a wide selection of SUVs and CUVs.
  • The Discoverer SRX features Cooper’s innovative Wear Square, the company’s exclusive visual tread life indicator.
  • The Wear Square is located at six points of reference around the inside and outside of the tread. Throughout the tire’s lifetime, the square changes shape beginning with a full square and ending with an exclamation mark when tire tread is low, allowing consumers to quickly and easily assess the approximate tread remaining on the tires.
  • The Wear Square can also signal uneven tire wear and possible wheel alignment issues.
  • The Discoverer SRX offers a premium 65,000-mile Tread Wear Protection Warranty and a 45-Day Road Test guarantee ensure a confident choice and smooth ride for SUV and CUV drivers, if you aren’t satisfied with your Discoverer SRX tire purchase you may return them to your original dealer within 45 days of purchase for a FREE OF CHARGE Cooper brand replacement only, including mounting and balancing.

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

  • The Discoverer STT is Cooper’s latest high performance dedicated off-roading.
  • The Discoverer STT allows drivers to undertake impressive off-road capabilities without sacrificing high on-road performance. Offered in a wide range of commercial and large diameter flotation sizes.

The Cooper Discoverer A/T3

  • The Discoverer A/T3 tire utilizes leading technology, compounding and design to provide quality support through various terrains.
  • The Discoverer A/T3 tread enhances wet traction and reduces rolling resistance.
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June 1st through July 15th, during the Cooper Tire Summer Drive Event, consumers are eligible to receive a prepaid Visa card worth up to $70 when purchasing a new set of four qualifying Cooper Tires through participating dealers in your post. Click here for the Dealer Locator. Cooper Tires are already a great deal, and an extra $70 never hurts to help get the bills paid in the summer months. To make sure every customer is happy, they offer premium 65,000-mile treadwear protection warranty and 45-day road test guarantee to ensure a confident decision and comfortable ride for SUV and CUV drivers.

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