Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe)

Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe) @EclecticEveryday

Coconut pies have always been a weakness of mine. Really, pies in general are a weekends for me. My love for pies began in my grandmother’s kitchen, when I use to help her make her own signature pie, a pecan pie. Everyone in our family and at church all loved my Granny’s pecan pie. It was the dessert she always brought to get–togethers and potlucks.

Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe) @EclecticEveryday

Although I love her pecan pie, coconut pie os my absolute favorite. I’ve made it so many times through the years, trying to perfect a recipe that was just right, and I think i’ve finally got it . This is the Crème De La Cream of coconut pies. It’s a pie that uses fresh toasted coconut, real fresh coconut whipped cream and a creamy coconut milk custard filling. The crust is a crumbly almond filled pastry that pairs perfectly with the coconut.

Crème De La Cream (Fresh Coconut Pie Recipe) @EclecticEveryday

You can find this recipe for Fresh Coconut Pie at the Kitchenthusiast Blog at

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    What a gorgeous pie, Angie! My mouth is watering. I love coconut pie and I will definitely check out this recipe on Kitchenthusiast 😉

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    This looks incredible! I can’t resist coconut cream pie!