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fuzzy buns diapers

Before my son was born. My only experience with cloth diapers was those old-fashioned prefolds that you use the big safety pin with. But when I was pregnant a friend told me about these easy to use new fashionable cloth diapers. So I did a little research and tested out a few brands and was sold with the Fuzzi Bunz Diaper line.

We cloth diapered my son full time until he was potty-trained. And now that my daughter is here, I’m re-using those same diapers on her. They’ve held up so well and still look amazing.

Here’s some of my diaper stash:
diapers in drawers

We did have to get her some pretty pink Fuzzi Bunz diapers though, to add to the diaper stash. Fuzzi Bunz also sent her some of their pretty print diapers from the new line they have, Sweet Beginnings. Aren’t these just too cute?

diaper on baby

And this!

baby wearing dinosaur diaper

I love Fuzzi Bunz because they are pocket diapers. That means the waterproof part can be separated from the absorbent part, which really helps come laundry time. You can dry the diaper part on low, remove them, and then turn the dryer to high heat to dry the inserts.

Fuzzi Bunz comes as a perfect size diaper (shown here), which we love. They also come in a size that will grow with your baby from 10 lbs to potty training!

These diapers fit snug around the legs, are super soft and comfortable to baby and prevent leaks.

pink diaper

Sweet Beginnings comes in 3 sizes: The First Year, One Size, and Perfect Size (newborn, small, medium, and large).

With my son, because he was a big baby and potty trained at 2 ½, we just used the small and medium diaper sizes. My daughter didn’t need newborn diapers either even though she was a little less than 8lbs at birth.

Fuzzi Bunz makes laundry simple and stylish too. They have coordinated zippered wet bags, and hanging diaper pails.

To learn more about cloth diapering, visit Fuzzi Bunz.com.

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