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One in seven people go to bed hungry throughout the world. And with the world population growing quickly, there will soon be 9 billion people on this plnet, the global food crisis may only get worse. However, there are five steps we can take to help improve the food system. And best of all these steps can actually save you money all while making the world a better place!

  1. Save Food – Use shopping lists and check your pantry before grocery shopping and menu plan for at least a few days, or even the whole week. This will help prevent buying things you may already have or buying more than you can eat before it goes bad. In my family, I shop for 3 – 4 days worth of meals, which is about twice a week.
  2. Seasonal – This is easy. Either grow your own, buy from local sources, or simply buy what’s on sale in the grocery store, with a emphasis on foods that are grown in developing countries. I love getting the best deal, so I search out cheap fruits and vegetables. I have the best luck at small produce markets that may at first appear to be a bit dingy. My philosophy is that it’s not about the atmosphere, but about the quality of the food being sold.
  3. Less – Less meat and Dairy. This will not only help your budget, but also your waistline and overall health. In our family, we have at least one meatless meal a week. I also try and experiment more with protein packed vegetarian choices like tofu and beans.
  4. Support – Buy fair trade, support your local farmer’s markets and u-pick farms, and get involved. In my family, we absolutely love u-pick farms. It’s a great weekend activity, and my son not only loves to pick fruits and vegetables, but also loves to stomp in the inevitable mud puddles in the fields.
  5. Cook Smart – Save energy by eating more raw fruits and vegetables. Conserve water by steaming or using only just enough water to cover vegetables. Power down appliances when not in use. We like to eat lots of salads, sandwiches and cold soups, especially during the summer.

Want to talk to your kids about the GROW method. Check out this Dinner Discussion Guide.

For a more in-depth look at the problems affecting our food system, check out  Growing a Better Future report.

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This post (and my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a compensated program initiated by Women Online/The Mission List to raise awareness about Oxfam America’s GROW Method. All commentary and opinions are, of course, my own.

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