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I’ve been drinking more than my fair share of coffee lately. To tell you the truth, other than an occasional coffeehouse latte on a cool day, I never really cared for it. But for the past month or so, I’ve been craving coffee every morning. It’s become part of my morning ritual.

We do have a complicated manual espresso machine, and although I do adore lattes, I don’t always like to use it, so when I got the opportunity to try the new Mr. Coffee Café Latte, I was thrilled!

mr coffee machine

With the simple tough of a button, this machine froths and warms the milk, then brews the coffee and adds it to the hot, steaming milk. It’s a super simple way to make a latter, and best of all you won’t  burn yourself with hot steam.

This machine has a milk frother built right in the lid of the coffee pot. Mr. Coffee® Café Latte is great for holiday entertaining or as a gift this coming season. It would make a perfect gift for that loved one in your life that spends way too much on fancy coffeehouse lattes.

machine dispensing milk

After the milk is warmed, just switch a switch to make the coffee pour in. In just a few minutes, you have a rich, wonderful perfect latte.

And did I also mention this little machine also makes perfect hot chocolate? Just warm and steam the milk (13 oz), then add 1/3 cup melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2 tablespoons sugar. It’s so simple and so good!

machine dispensing coffee

The Mr. Coffee® Café Latte allows you to bring the coffeehouse home. With the Mr. Coffee® Café Latte, you can create authentic coffeehouse style drinks without having to deal with traffic, long lines, or baristas. The whole idea of an at-home coffee comeback and how you can create your ideal coffeehouse at home, whether it’s your perfect mug, your favorite chair, your essential soundtrack.

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AND Mr. Coffee is extending a special offer to blog readers! $10 off and free shipping on the purchase of a Café Latte at www.mrcoffeelatte.com. (Enter promo code: MLAT10A).

For even more Mr. Coffee Café Latte recipes, visit MrCoffeeLatte.com.

finished latte

Disclosure: I was received payment and product for this review. 

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