NuNaturals Stevia Product Review and Giveaway

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nunaturalsThe NuNaturals people were very generous and sent me lots of their products to try. I was amazed at how sweet their product is. It only takes a very tiny amount to sweeten your beverage or food. Before NuNaturals contacted me, I had heard of stevia and knew it was a sugar substitute, but that was about it. I learned that Stevia is actually a herb that is super sweet. The Japanese have been using it for years as a sugar substitute. Many other countries have also used it, although it was banned here in the states in the early nineties. It has since been legalized. Some have thought the early ban in the United States was due to the fact that stevia does not need a patent for production, so other industry leaders pressured government for the ban. The World Health Organization has done extensive, long term studies that have all determined stevia is a safe product. Some studies even suggest stevia may help those with hypertension and type II diabetes.

I have also heard stevia can have a bitter aftertaste, yet none of the products that NuNaturals sent me had a bitter aftertaste at all. NuNaturals prides itself in having a product without the undesirable bitter flavor that some other stevia products can have. They also state their stevia products are sweeter than others.

These stevia products could not have came at a better time for me. I am very concerned about having too much sugar in my family’s diet. Stevia can help manage blood glucose levels for healthy people as well as diabetics. Managing your blood glucose levels helps you to maintain weight and health.

Here are the products I was sent to try. I have included links back to their website so you can check out their products.

NuStevia White Stevia Powder is just the simple form of concentrated stevia sweetener. You can measure it yourself and add it to whatever you like.

MoreFiber Stevia Baking Blend is described as the revolutionary way to cut more sugar out of your recipes. This is the product I used in my banana coconut bread. The bread came out tasting perfect, and the stevia baking powder actually added more fiber.

NuStevia White Stevia Packets was another product I was able to sample. These are perfect for travel. I just put some in my purse, and we have convenient stevia packets for our coffee and tea when we are away from home.

Pure Liquid Clear Stevia is a little squeeze bottle full of concentrated stevia. This was my husband’s favorite product to add to his morning cup of coffee. I also loved this product to use in dishes that I would previously would have had to make sugar water for, like my cucumber salad or sweet poppy-seed salad dressing.

Pure Liquid Vanilla Alcohol Free Stevia is a great product with many possibilities. I enjoyed using this in my coffee and yogurt. I am sure I will be coming up with many more uses for this product in the near future.

NuStevia White Stevia NoCarbs uses Erythritol, a natural filler that is produced from corn. This actually enhances the flavor of the stevia. This was a really great product too. If their other products aren’t sweet enough for you, this one is sure to please.

NuStevia White Stevia Quick Dissolve Tabs were the perfect pre-measured way to enjoy stevia. I really enjoy adding a few of these to my tea pitcher when I am making iced tea.

Sweet Health Erythritol Crystals is the product you use in place of sugar crystals. Its great when you need that crunch and sweetness that only a crystal can provide. My favorite way to eat this was on fresh strawberries and grapefruit.

Pure Liquid Cocoa Bean Extract was my favorite product of all, because it was chocolate! This makes the most perfect mocha latte, one of my weaknesses. You can also squeeze a little on your tongue if you’re in need of a do or die chocolate fix too. It has all the benefits of dark chocolate and is sweetened by stevia, perfect!

NuNaturals is also offering everyone who enters this giveaway event a special discount. This discount promotional offer gives everyone a –15% DISCOUNT off of any participant’s future web order placed through their website : www.nunaturals.com. When you go to the checkout on their website you should enter this code :  BLG710, and you will receive a –15% discount on your TOTAL ORDER with them. You will also receive FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders totaling a net $35.00, and over, AFTER this special discount.

This offer to giveaway participants, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, ENDS JULY 1, 2010.

Now time for the giveaway! NuNaturals will award four (4) readers one (1) box of their NuNaturals White Stevia Powder, 50 ct, packets, PLUS one (1) bottle of their Vanilla Stevia Liquid, 2 oz.

Giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only. Contest ends at midnight, June 6, 2010. Winner will be chosen by Random.org. 4 entries possible per participant.

To enter the giveaway just a leave a comment below telling me your favorite sweet indulgence. For 3 additional entries you can stumble, retweet, and share on facebook. Just leave a separate comment in my comments for each entry you have done. Thanks and good luck!

Disclosure: The good people at NuNaturals let me sample these products free of charge.

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