Pancake and Fruit Skewers


This weekend I let go of something I had been holding onto of years, my old car. I had owned it for over 10 years. My husband and I had spent countless hours together on it, rebuilding, maintaining, and just fixing it. Even though it was just a machine, it was still a tough process to say goodbye.

It was a little black on black 2 door BMW 325 sleeper conversion with a M3 drivetrain and suspension. It had dark tint, smoke rims and little white hibiscus flower in the corner of the back driver side window. I loved it, but now it’s someone else’s baby, and I’m okay with that.


But anyway, let’s talk pancakes. I’m still trying to cut down on carbs, so I made these little baby pancakes. And what better way to serve little pancakes but n a stick, with fruit! These little pancake skewers made the perfect Saturday morning breakfast and were super simple to make.

For garnish I used a little powdered sugar and some maple syrup. Serve these with bacon for a perfect weekend breakfast or brunch.


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This recipe sponsored by Real Seal. All opinions 100% mine.

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