Patriotic Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow pops

It’s almost the fourth of July! Today I’ve got lots of errands to do before we have our town’s fireworks, which are always on the third, tonight, and tomorrow  we have our neighborhood fireworks and cookouts. I know it’s going to turn into one busy weekend, especially since my husband promised my son another box of fireworks if he’s good today. So he’s been mommy’s little helper all day.

seven pops

This morning, my son helped me make these cute little marshmallow pops. These were so easy, he made several of them. I just used marshmallows,  PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights milk chocolate cream cheese spread, and red white and blue sprinkles. So simple, and perfect for kids.

If you not sure what kind of kid friendly dessert to make your kids tomorrow, just do these! If your kids have half as much fun as my son did making these, it will certainly be worth it!

To serve these, I just layered red,white and blue sugar in a small mason jar. You could also use more red, white and blue sprinkles or mini marshmallows though.

chocolate covered patriotic pops

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Yield: Serves 4

Patriotic Marshmallow Pops

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lollipop sticks
PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights milk chocolate cream cheese spread
red, white and blue sprinkles


Insert lollipop stick into marshmallow. Dip into PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights milk chocolate cream cheese spread. Roll op into sprinkles.

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