Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review and Giveaway

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Perfect Portion digital scale is amazing scale like no other I have seen. Not only does it weigh food, but it can also tell you the nutritional facts of the weight of food you have on the scale. It comes with an easy to reference little booklet, that is also laminated for long life, with almost 2000 food codes that you just enter into the scale. The scale then calculates the nutritional facts for that exact weight of food that is on the scale. This scale can really make counting calories a snap when your making your own food at home. It’s very easy to count calories on the back of pre-packaged goods, but to eat healthy, we aren’t suppose to eat those things, especially when dieting. This scale can make it so easy to count calories in any recipe you find or create.

My favorite feature of this scale is it’s ability to track the nutritional information for more than one item, and then total up all information over a given period of time. This was perfect for me to add up all the nutritional information in a recipe. I just put each ingredient on the scale and then total the results after all ingredients have been added to the dish. It makes counting calories in any recipe that you use, or you dream up a breeze. You can also tally total information over longer periods of time, like your total daily , weekly, or even monthly calorie and fat intake. It makes goal planning for weight loss very easy to do.

My second favorite feature of this scale, compared to the one I had, and most on the market is its touch screen design. There are no cracks and crevices for food to get stuck in. Clean up is quick and easy, and the design looks very modern. Best of all, the scale even comes in the classic white design, and in these 3 beautiful designer colors. I got the classic black color to match my black appliances.

This scale has recently been getting some major press to. It appeared in Oprah’s September 2010 O magazine’s O-list along with other items for readers to makeover their lives. According to “O”, “Fearing fat? Counting Carbs? Have serious sugar and sodium issues? This scale and nutritional calculator serves up every morsel of information you need to eat smarter.”

The scale has also been mentioned in Cooking Light and Gizmag. This scale is easy to find in your local retailer, or can be purchased directly through the company’s website. They are available at WalMart, Bedd Bath and Beyond, Sharper Image, GNC, and others. Click here to find more places you can buy this nifty little scale.

Now for the fun part of this post, the giveaway! Perfect Portions has been gracious enough to offer one of our lucky readers their very own digital scale. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in the comments section below telling me which of these colors you would like the best if you won.

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