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Seattle’s Best is a coffee I first was introduced to at Subway. I instantly fell in love with the coffee. It is rich, complex, and beats every other popular brand in my opinion. I was so happy when I was contacted to take part in this review program. Seattle’s Best sent us samples of all the different levels they offer. They have simplified the decision making process when trying to decide which roast is best for you. While other companies give you names of different roasts, which can be confusing and hard to remember, Seattle’s Best simplifies the process by having levels. Level one is the lightest in flavor, while level 5 is the strongest. All different levels have amazing flavors and different characteristics.


With the samples of coffee Seattle’s Best sent us, they also included a fun coffee levels aptitude test. The test consisted of a list of statements, and you choose 1 to 5 with 1 being strongly agree and 5 being strongly disagree. These answers correspond to the 5 levels of coffee and help you determine you coffee personality. The statements were too cute. The first one was “I would rather wrestle a bear than an alligator” I said strongly disagree because I know it doesn’t take much force to hold their mouths shut, and I might have a fighting chance. A bear… I would see as instant death.  All the other statements were fun like this too.  Another one was “I believe the egg came first.” I strongly disagreed.  I’m standing by my belief that the chicken came first, no reason, just because. One of the other statements was, “I love crosswords.” I strongly disagreed, I am so bad at them! And another really fun statement was  “I think cats are the perfect pet.” Okay, whatever.  Living with my old-man cat is like the mean old uncle who makes a mess everywhere, whines for food, and is only nice to other people and to you when he really wants something out of you. I strongly disagree cats (or at least my cat) is the perfect pet.

To take a similar fun test, head over to Seattle’s Best Facebook page. Like the page and you’ll be able to take a similar fun quiz to help determine your coffee personality.

After this fun coffee aptitude test, it scored me to try the level 5 flavor first. The test says level 5 flavor personality is self-assured and focused, and has what it takes to be a leader in both work and play. I don’t know if I would say I am like that. I would consider myself more of a wallflower. Level 5 is recommended for those who like Sumatra blends, which I do, and French roasts. Level 5 is bold, dark and intense. It has a roasty aroma, rich flavor and low acidity.

After reading through all the coffee personalities, I think I would disagree with the test, and match myself with Level 2. I do love other strong coffee blends, and can’t wait to try all the flavors.

Here are all the personalities of the different flavor levels:

Level 1 coffee personality is happily pragmatic. They like the simpler things in life and have an easy going spirit. Level 2 coffee personality is spontaneous and fun. They like creating their own adventures and seeing where their heart leads them. Level 3 coffee personality is ready for anything. They are great at problem solving. Level 4 coffee personality is mysterious. They are wise and clever, and well-respected by others.

I hardly ever add anything to my coffee. I like it black, or with just enough milk or cream to cool it down. I think sugar or flavored creamers mask the flavor of coffee.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee most mornings. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, and once in a while drink a cup of coffee with dessert after dinner.

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