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If you had the power to change any little thing in the world that bugged you what would it be? I’m not talking about things that seem almost unattainable like world peace, just little things like your favorite restaurant offering delivery.

There’s little things I think of everyday, that if changed, would make everyone’s day a little easier. Some things are just about impossible, things you would only find in the Jetsons, like a machine that would wash, dry and fold your clothes in less than a minute. Other things are actually realistic though like peanut butter in single serve cups, which they’ve recently came out with (and I love!)

Well there’s a new website that lets you take a stand with your idea, and actually make a change! It’s called Social Power, and it’s a fun new way for us to harness the power of the social media we use everyday to resolve everyday issues, both big and small.

The idea is quite simple. As individuals, we aren’t as effective at initiating changes, but our power grows in groups. The bigger the group that supports the issue, the more likely it is that change will occur!

These changes can be as simple as price reductions, better products or better service.

For me, there’s one thing I’ve always missed from my childhood, the tab. Our local feed/hardware store and the corner grocery/gas had tabs for customers. We just went to the store, got what we needed and put it on the tab. At the end of the week or month, we settled up, paid our bill and started a new tab again. It was so simple, and we never had to worry with cash, checks or credit cards.

In this day and age, people are so dishonest, an old fashioned tab system would never work. But what about a modernized version of the tab? In the form of grocery stores keeping our credit cards on file, in a similar way to how Amazon and paypal stores our payment information.


I think we as customers should have pins and grocery stores should have our photos on file to confirm identity. This way we can run to the grocery store any time and not have to worry with remembering to bring our credit cards or cash, or worry about scratched and damaged or expired cards. I think this would benefit both grocery stores in that it would result in more retained long-term customers and also benefit customers.

Other options grocery stores could do is send us statements at the end of the month, with our expenses categorized. This could help us as families reduce food costs by seeing exactly how much we’re spending and on what we’re spending those dollars on.

So in hopes of making a change for the better, I created this issue over at Social Power. If you also agree, or have any ideas on how to make this world a better place, head over to Social Power and create an issue, gain support, and you can make a difference too! The site is super simple to use. Just watch this short video below to learn more!

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