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chore chart

I’ve got a fun new craft to share with you today that I did with my son yesterday – a little chore chart! Now that our son is a big kindergartner, we felt that we really need to start enforcing his chores.

We’ve been pretty lax, just letting him make messes and then I clean up after him – well no more. With this chart, we hope to help him take responsibility for cleaning up himself and at least a few of the messes he messes everyday.

putting clothespin on chart

When I was a kid, my parents made me a chart for the bathroom, for brushing my teeth. I had a really hard time getting down the brushing twice a day.

I couldn’t remember for the life of me to brush, let alone floss. I remember my mom sitting on me and scrubbing my teeth. Dad finally thought of making me a chart for brushing my teeth, as well as a few other household chores.

The chart worked so well and helped me with all the little daily activities I couldn’t seem to remember, like brushing! And I have to give them credit, their diligence helped me never had a cavity until I was 23.

child looking at chop chart

To make this little chore chart, I used a small piece of wood and some small wooden letters I got from the craft store. My son and I picked out his favorite colors and we painted the board and letters.

Then we carefully glued the letters on the wood with a craft glue that dries clear. While the piece was drying, we used some different color Sharpies to write his chores on some spare clothes pins I had in the laundry room.

brushing teeth

Since one of the most important things for my son to do is brush his teeth, I gave him this cool new toothbrush from Arm & Hammer. It’s an Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush.

It plays a fun kiddie pop song for 2 minutes! You can click here to see how it works.There’s 9 different songs preformed by teen heartthrobs, Disney kids and boy bands your kids are sure to love!

toothbrush and toothpaste

Julien loves this new toothbrush! Now there’s no confusion about how long he’s brushed his teeth, because when the song’s over, he’s done brushing! And when I checked after him, he had missed alot less than he usually does. The 2 minutes of music really helped him do a better job because he was brushing longer.

He also tried this new toothpaste shown above, Arm & Hammer Sensitive toothpaste, from the makers of Orajel. It was a little strong for him in taste, but I loved it.

Being a hygienist for so long, I know how abrasive both sensitivity toothpastes and whitening toothpastes can be. Whitening toothpastes, which contain abrasives to remove surface stains, abrade the dentin and our teeth and make them very sensitive. Most all sensitivity toothpastes are made with strong abrasives to abrade the roots of the teeth, so the sensitivity medicine will penetrate the dentin.

This way you’re always hooked on sensitivity toothpaste. The only way to break the cycle in the past was to use an expensive high fluoride toothpaste to help re-fill the pores of the dentin.

But Arm & Hammer is different because it’s 40% less abrasive than leading sensitivity toothpastes and is a fraction of the cost of other leading sensitivity toothpastes!  That makes me very happy! And it contains cavity fighting fluoride!

Click here for a $2 coupon for an Arm & Hammer kid’s Tooth Tunes Musical Brush or an adult Spinbrush.

Click here for more special offers and coupons for Arm & Hammer products.

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