Marshmallow Berry Tarts


My absolute favorite treat when I was a kid was marshmallows. I remember from when I was old enough to reach the stove, I would stand there and carefully roast marshmallow after marshmallow on little skewers over the burners. I was so meticulous, being carful to very evenly toast them not let them catch on fire. I hated when they got the least bit of black on them, yuck!

My son seems to have inherited my love for marshmallows too. (Although he likes to let them catch on fire and them blow it out like Daddy.) We both not only love simple  toasted marshmallows but also any recipe that contains marshmallows. And the baby must love them too because her eyes light up when she sees big brother roasting them. I know she’ll be over the moon happy when she’s old enough to enjoy her first marshmallow.



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