Stuffed Portobellos and Peppers


This recipe started out as stuffed peppers.  Then I looked and realized I did not have as many peppers as I thought I did.  And there in the bottom of the fridge, I spotted some gorgeous portobello mushroom caps that looked like they also needed to be stuffed.  After they were done, we actually liked the stuffed portobellos better than the peppers, however they were both amazing.  I topped these stuffed veggies with mozzarella cheese. My neighbor likes to top them with a tomato sauce, but we prefer cheese. I also think sauce and more cheese on top would be delicious too. For this recipe, I do not precook the peppers or mushrooms, because my family dislikes overcooked veggies. I do precook all the filling before stuffing the veggies and bake them just until the cheese is lightly browned.  This cuts down on the cooking time and retains much of the crunch in the peppers.  If you like soggy veggies, by all means boil them before stuffing.

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