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I have a confession, a kitchen cleaning confession – I don’t like it. As a matter of fact, no one in my family likes to clean dishes. I’d say that 99% of  the disagreements my husband and I had early on in our marriage stemmed from cooking and cleaning dishes. Silly, right? I was expecting him to want to do the dishes, especially if I cooked, and was so disappointed when things didn’t work out my way. But a good friend helped save my sanity by telling me to just take the lead in the kitchen. She told me to not expect him to clean dishes, to not ask him to clean dishes, and never resent him for not offering to do the dishes. I reluctantly took that friends advice, and so happy I did. It may not be the best advice for other people, but it was the perfect solution for us.

Because I still don’t like doing the dishes, I try to take little steps to keep the kitchen clean during the day and while I’m cooking. This greatly reduces the amount of time I spend doing dishes, and creates more time I can spend with my family.

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Here’s a list of my top ten tips to Cut Kitchen Cleanup Time:

  1.  Start with a Clean Kitchen – This is the key to keeping the kitchen clean while you cook. Be sure to tidy up the kitchen after breakfast and lunch, so that you start with a clean kitchen at dinner time.
  2. Empty the Dishwasher  – before you start cooking, empty the dishwasher. This way you’ll have a place to put all those dirty dishes you’ll make when you’re cooking.
  3. Make a sink or bowl of soapy water – You can toss in dirty utensils or dishes that need more than just a quick rinse.
  4. Clean as You Go – this was the hardest thing for me to learn to do, but it is so effective. Be sure to continually clean as your cooking, adding dishes to the  dishwasher. And as you plate your family’s dinner, take each pot, pan or casserole dish to the sink and clean them before eating.
  5.  Use a Garbage Bowl – While you’re prepping the food for your dinner, make sure you have a large bowl close to where you’re working. That way you can toss all the scrapes and garbage in the bowl, and then take it to the garbage can later.
  6. Use PAM Cooking Spray – Using a cooking spray is the best way to prevent having to soak pots and pans
  7. Transfer Leftovers To Storage Containers – After plating your family’s meal, transfer leftovers to storage containers, then wash the pots and pans before eating. This will reduce over eating and prevent foods from drying and sticking on pots and pans.
  8. Take it Outside – Consider grilling more often. Cooking outside is a great way to keep your kitchen cleaner, just be sure to remember your PAM Grilling Spray!
  9. Use Frozen Vegetables – Consider using frozen, already prepared vegetables in recipes, especially if the vegetable is out of season.
  10. Stick to one-pot recipes and salads – This is probably the best way to reduce kitchen clean-up. Salads, soups, stews and one skillet meals are the perfect way to reduce the amount of time you’ll have to cleanup in the kitchen.

My kitchen is stocked with PAM Cooking Spray, PAM Baking and PAM Grilling! There’s even a PAM® Coconut Oil that I can not wait to try! 

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PAM is the perfect ingredient when grilling chicken and makes cleanup a breeze.

Leaving up to 99% less residue, PAM is your ally in the kitchen and allows you to save time during prep and clean up.

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