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red wine Do you enjoy a nice glass of red after a long day at work? Or maybe a nice dry chardonnay with a light dinner? Many people are either red or white wine lovers. Personally, I like them both. It really just comes down to my mood, the weather, and what I’m eating or snacking on along with my wine. But sometimes it’s just whatever is left in the wine cooler.

Our go-to cheap wine is a Barefoot’s Cab or their White Zinfandel. It’s not the best, but for me it’s the best taste for the price. I’ve tried a few tips and tricks for aerating the wine to improve it’s flavor with minimal results. Then I heard about the VinoVinti.

VinoVinti’s is a simple little gadget that removes excess carbon dioxide from wine, improving the flavor and adding years of smoothness in seconds. It’s faster than decanting and more effective than aeration.

We first tried the VinoVinti a few nights ago. My husband and I decided to have our “date night” at home, so we made a quick run to the grocery store for steaks, veggies and red wine.

wine opener

While I prepared the veggies and salad, my husband heated up the grill. After we put the steaks on the grill, we got the VinoVinti and used it on our inexpensive bottle of red wine. We had poured a little out, so we had wine for comparison. Neither one of us could believe the difference after using the VinoVinti. The wine was so much more smooth and didn’t have that liittle “bite” it usually has. We were so impressed!  

VinoVinti’s patented technology uses a specially engineered ceramic rod and vacuum pump to create nucleation – a process that allows excess carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules to come together, form a bubble and escape the wine—enhancing the flavor, feel and finish of the wine at once.

Check out all the benefits to using VinoVinti

  • VinoVinti enhances the wine experience by giving hands-on control over the flavor feel and finish of both red and white wines.
  • Reduces the harshness of tannins and what some people call the “acidic bite.”
  • Opens the wine and enriches the flavor.
  • Improves the mouth feel and finish.
  • Simple to use.
  • Treats the entire bottle of wine in 20 – 30 seconds.
  • Designed to give a lifetime of wine enjoyment.

VinoVinti would make the perfect holiday gift to give this Holiday Season. Just pair it with any bottle of wine.

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**Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink if you are at least 21 years old or older**

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