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Last week my family and I went to Seattle. Partly, for a family vacation, and partly so I could attend my first Blogher Food. When we first got to the city, we checked into Seattle’s Four Seasons. The photos above and below were taken from our hotel room with my iPhone.

image of water

image of shore with boat

The accommodations at The Four Seasons were out of this world. They even have a heated pool and hot tub with fireplace on the fourth floor rooftop we spent some time at. They set up a small bar out there when the weather is good. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing place. The restaurant there, ART is also one of the best places I’ve dined it. Everything is just perfection, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night room service.

Seattle wasn’t anything like I expected, it was so much better. The people were incredibly friendly, the food was phenomenal, and the amount of stuff to do in the city was fantastic. We kept busy everyday, exploring new things. I’m also so glad that we visited at this time because we got to try the most amazing fish ever, Copper River King Salmon. We tasted it first at Steelhead Diner. The chef there, Kevin Davis is incredibly talented.

Copper River salmon is a HUGE deal is Seattle and the Northeast. And why? Because it’s the best fish you’ll ever taste, and take that from a girl who grew up on the Gulf Coast eating fresh fish all the time. It’s so good, we payed a good amount to have a 10lb fish overnighted back to Florida with us that we had purchased in Pike Place market.

We also ate and shopped alot in Pike Place market. The Four Seasons is located right beside the market, so we walked over many times.

We also went sightseeing through the city. We first had to go to the Space Needle.

space needle

The views from it were amazing! You can see the whole city. Here’s some quick pics I took with my iPhone from the Space Needle.

image of city

image of skyscrapers

picture of bay

One day we took the ferry over to Banbridge Island. There’s not a whole lot to do on the island. But it is a welcome peaceful change from the hussle and bustle of Seattle.I also got some great shots from the ferry.

picture from back of ferry

picture of starboard side of ferry

I also got to attend some fabulous parties. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to all of them. There was just so much to do, and so little time to do it in. The first amazing party hosted by the fabulous Paula of Bell’alimento and Susan of DoughMesstic. They actually hosted 3 huge parties, a Johnsonville party, a Cameron Hughes Wines party and a DOLE party at their fabulous penthouse. Everyone left with amazing swag and prizes. Other sponsors were Creminelli, Kerrygold, Le Creuset, Microsoft Office & Windows, Scharffen Berger, Lindsay Olives, Villeroy & Boch, Dixie Crystals, & Bob’s Red Mill.

Here’s the one pic I got that Sandy took of me Julie and her. I’m so bad at taking pics. Amanda has a good one of me though in her post here. I had so much fun talking up my favorite bloggers, I forgot all about taking photos with them.

picture of three people

picture of two people

The above photo was taken at the penthouse, isn’t the view amazing? The parties were so much fun, and the food was amazing. Paula and Susan went to a great deal of trouble to make all the food and make sure everyone in attendance was happy, well-fed, had plenty of Cameron Hughes Wines (which is amazingly delicious and cheap BTW) and lots of swag.

Of and I almost forgot my favorite sponsor at the parties, KitchenAid. And did I mention I won this fabulous new KitchenAid wine cooler? I was over the moon excited, especially since we’re moving in a new house pretty soon, and I know just where to put this beauty.
kitchenmaid wine coolerAll photos taken with my iPhone, no special app, just “punched” in Lightroom.

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