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Did you compleetely forget about Christmas cards this year? I hate to admit it, but I id. I had every intention of sending Christmas cards out like I’ve done every year for the past 13 years My husband I have been together, but then all of a sudden it was Christmas eve, and my to-do list was still a mile long. So I took a picture of my son and husband (I was too lazy and short on time to do my make-up and hop in the photo, but I tried) and then posted it to Facebook.

Lame, I know. But today I found this cool lilttle holiday e-card from Mrs. Smith’s pies. My family loves Mrs. Smith’s pies. I’m actually one of the only people in my family that makes a homemade pie during  the holidays, and I usually don’t do it on the actual holiday, it’s usually in the days leading up to the holiday. On the actual holiday, I do like to take aadvantage of pre-made treats, especially on Chrismtas.

Past Christmas days with my son have been pretty easy, since he’s always slept in. But his year, he was up at the rack of dawn, bouncing off the walls. And after my husband and I stayed up late on Chrismtas eve, playing Santa and making everything perfect for Christmas day, we were tired to say the least, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend all day in the kitchen, so Mrs. Smith to the rescue!

apple pie

This is my go-to favorotie Mrs. Smith pie, the Dutch Apple. It’s so amazing with a little vanilla ice cream.

But back to those e-cards. The best part about them is that there’s a free coupon for the sender and receiver of the e-card. PLUS a portion of all sales of Mrs. Smith’s pies will be donated to Operation Homefront! Mrs. Smith’s will be donating a $1 for every Mrs. Smith’s pie purchased to the end of this month. They also be provided pies to Operation Homefront for Thanksgiving as well!

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