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I was recently sent a jar of Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil to review. Before learning about coconut oil, I remember the 1980’s campaign against all tropical oils, more specifically palm oil. If you had of asked me a few days ago, I would have categorized coconut oil with palm oil too. I have researched coconut oil on the web, and have learned it’s much more nutritious than I ever thought. Many sites say it can cure almost anything. That may not be true, but it is still a very nutritious oil. There have been many studies backing up these claims, however all the studies are questionable because of such a small amount of people participating and countless other factors that lead to biased research results. That being said, it’s definitely not bad for you and could be very good for you. And the best part – coconut oil is extremely tasty.
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One thing I found about coconut oil is that because they were imported from poor countries, they were targeted for high taxation. The people who lobbied for and got the high taxation approved were on the side of American farmers. The high taxes were eventually removed. Then there was research that said all saturated fats are horrible. What a great excuse to again go after foreign cooking oils, so a negative high dollar campaign was launched to rid American homes and the American food industry from ever using coconut oil again. At the time, many companies used it because it is so stable and has a high smoke point. Then the food industry turned to trans-fat oils. And, we as a society, have paid the price. Even though many prepared foods now say trans-fat free, they may still contain trans-fat because of guidelines. You have to look on the ingredient list and search for the term, partially hydrogenated. That denotes trans-fat, one of the most horrible fats of all.

In my effort to prepare more and more homemade foods for my family, and advocate others do the same, I am incorporating coconut oil into our diet. Not just because it made the best popcorn I have ever eaten in my life, but because I am very impressed with its possible healthful benefits.

Tropical Traditions is the most popular virgin coconut oil sold in the United States. It is USDA certified organic and is produced the old fashioned way, by hand. Because of the way it is processed, it is much higher quality. Another interesting thing I found about coconut oil is that the type of fat it has, although saturated, is the same type of fat in breast-milk. This type of fat is currently only known to exist in coconut oil and breast-milk. This makes me feel not so bad about eating so much popcorn.

Tropical Traditions has a great site filled with more than just coconut oil. They have more healthy oils, organic foods, skin care, household products, supplements, pet products, and more goodies. You can find out alot more about their products on the Tropical Traditions website.

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Giveaway ends Tuesday Aug 10. Winner will be selected by Random.org Aug 11, and has 72 hours to claim, or another winner will be chosen. Thanks and good luck!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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