Freschetta Frozen Pizza Review

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Most of the time, I take my time to make homemade pizza. I’ll make my own dough, which has taken me years to get just so. I make my own marinara sauce. Then I top with our favorite toppings. However, this is a long process, and every once in a while we want a quick pizza, but just don’t have the time to go through the whole homemade process.

My husband and I both worked at a pizzeria in high school, he was a cook and I was a waitress. We have pretty high standards for pizza. We only ate pizza from that restaurant if he or another select cook made the pizza. Now, there is only one pizzeria in town that we eat pizza at, but its very expensive. Every now and then, we just need a good cheap pizza. I have literally tried EVERY frozen pizza that I have found. Without a doubt, we only like to eat Freschetta pizzas.

flatbreadI recently had the opportunity to try Freschetta pizzas again. We had a very busy weekend day, and instead of going out, we tried the Freschetta pizzas. We had already had the naturally rising and brick oven pizzas. I really like the Italian taste in these pizzas. Its a great frozen pizza, without the frozen taste. We got to try the Freschetta FlatBread on this night. It was so good, the crust was very crisp, and the taste was very good. We tried the zesty Italian and the Roasted Garlic and Spinach varieties. The zesty Italian was nice and crispy, with flavorful Italian meats. The Roasted Garlic and Spinach was also full of flavor. We both love zesty Italian meats and roasted garlic, so these flavors were perfect for us. My son also loved them both, although he still only picks the cheese and toppings off the pizza. Maybe soon he’ll start to eat the crust. Freschetta’s naturally rising pizza is still our favorite though. Its a great classic pizza. They also have a veggie pizzabrick oven pizza which is also great for us because it is loaded with garlicky goodness. Freschetta FlatBread is great for people who like thin and crispy crust. Though, its not very filling for little kids. We had the flatbread pizza with a big salad, it was very good. Freschetta also has a PizzaAmore line that we tried before, but our family didn’t care for the consistency of the crust, although the taste is very good.

If you would also like to try Freschetta’s new Flat Bread pizzas, you can go and get a one dollar off coupon here.

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